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Appointments can be made via Phone, Email, or Fax.  Contact Us here

Dr. Shetty would need an active Referral letter from your GP or a specialist if you need to claim the Medicare rebate.

If an URGENT appointment is needed (earlier than the one available) We recommend your GP giving a call to Dr Shetty to discuss your case directly.


Ensure you get all your recent scans and reports

A current list of your medications

Insurance details including Medicare Details, Private Insurance, Workers' Compensation

Wear something loose and comfortable that makes examination easy.


You will meet our helpful front desk staff who will hand you a screening Questionaire for Dr Shetty to better understand your situation. and plan your management

Your first Consultation will last about 40-50mins in which Dr Shetty will discuss your immediate and long term management plan.

He will be communicating with your GP and th refferal physician along with relevant health care professionals and your insurer (for compensable cases ONLY).

If you want a copy for yourself and want specific parts of reports remain confidential- let Dr Shetty know.

Consultation Fee will be collected on the day in Cash or Cheque or Direct Billing to your Insurer (for compensation/insurance cases ONLY )

Dr Shetty complies with standard AMA rates, most of the Fee can be reclaimed on Medicare- submit invoice with the following form >>

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