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Management of Complex Acute Pain & Persistent Pain issues

Spinal pain conditionsNeuropathic pain Degenerative & musculoskeletal painOsteoarthritisPhantom pain post-surgical pain syndrome regional PainGeneralised painOptimization of opioid usage Geriatric Pain Issues

Rehabilitation approaches to manage disability


Interventional Pain Management where appropriate using mostly ultrasound-guided approaches under local anaesthesia which avoids radiation and anaesthetic risk. Various spinal & peripheral nerve blocks including Radio Frequency ablation.

Spasticity management (Botox, Phenol)

Platelet Rich Plasma injections and Prolotherapy

(Office based and Day surgical procedures)

As a part of Pain rehab Clinic, a true interdisciplinary management approach is practised which puts patients priorities first.

Non-interventional & multi-disciplinary management planning working closely with Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist and Psychologist with extensive pain experience.

* Work Cover, CTP or other Medico legal case assessments are also undertaken.

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